Semana Santa in Mahahual Through the Eyes of the Locals

Semana Santa is a very important holiday in Latin America and especially Mexico.  Two weeks of vacation for play and religious reflection fall on the population every year, touching some differently than others. For popular vacation spots like Mahahual, the thought of Semana Santa brings a mixed bag of emotions for the residents as tourists flood our tiny town bringing everything that comes with the influx, good and bad.

We asked locals for their first thoughts when we mention Semana Santa in Costa Maya to take the temperature of various citizens and got some great responses…

“About 20 years ago I was chatting with a lady who has lived here more than 20 years. She told me that during Semana Santa she goes back to her home town because the little devils descend on Mahahual and put it ‘patas arriba’ ” (on its head)

“People use Semana Santa as a excuse to drink and party when you really should be abstaining from eating meat and stuff. Its about the death and resurrection of Jesus but people just get drunk haha”

“Traditions, parties and communion. It’s a time for reflecting on our faith through history”

“For me in Mahahual it means a lot of work! But I come from a place where there is a lot of wonderful tradition around the holiday so it is still special”

“I think that Semana Santa is a time for getting out of your daily routine, for taking a break from work, being with your family and doing what you enjoy the most…but for us who work in tourism it means more work!”

“Cerveza, fried fish and more!”

“Semana Santa in Mahahual means that the girls from Chetumal come to lose their virginity!”

“Semana Santa is a very important holiday in Mexico to celebrate your faith with your friends and family. It’s a serious holiday but we also use the time to have parties and enjoy ourselves.”

“Desmadre” (chaos)

“Semana Santa in Mahahual: traffic, trash, noise and drunks. That’s why I leave!”

“A little bit of celebrating, a lot of work, then the calm after the storm”

So there you have it, straight from the local’s mouths. It is a mixed bag of emotions here the same way you would expect it to be in any vacation town. When you live in paradise and the rest of the world has time off, they are coming to you!

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