How to get from Cancun to Costa Maya Mahahual Update 2018

Once your plane touches down in sunny Cancun on your way to Mahahual, your trip is only about halfway over. That isn’t to say that the rest of the voyage is arduous however. The ADO bus is more comfortable than most planes I have ever been on really. The only problem is that there aren’t as many departures as you would like. But I guess that is what keeps our little Mahahual a great secret. You only arrive here if you deserve it!

Once you land, go through customs and exit the airport you have two options: you can take a taxi to the main ADO terminal in Cancun and take the bus from there, or you can take the ADO bus that runs every half hour from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and wait for the bus to Mahahual there.

In the main Cancun station the bus runs to Mahahual at an eye scratching 6:45 am, and 4:45pm. The ticket per person is usually around 20 dollars which is a great deal for a 5 and a half hour trip. In Playa del Carmen the bus will scoop you up at the tourist terminal at the beach at 8am and and 5:55pm. From there the trip is only 4.5 hours.

The buses are comfortable with big reclining chairs, AC, TV and bathrooms. It also stops in Tulum and Felipe Carillo Puerto if you get hungry and need a snack. It is really the best bet unless you are in a huge hurry and just want to get here. You can weave together trips through local combis and the Mayab bus line but you really only end up saving an hour or two at the most that you would have spent waiting for the later ADO bus.

So there is the update for 2018. If anything changes I will post it promptly!

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2 thoughts on “How to get from Cancun to Costa Maya Mahahual Update 2018

  1. Joy Galbraith says:

    Do you have a recent update? I had Live Chat with ADO and they said there is only a 4″45pm bus. not a 6:45am. Do you know if this is true. I need to be in Costa Maya by 4:45pm at the latest.

    • Hey Joy. If you spoke to ADO that is directly from the horse’s mouth. They change the schedule on a semi-regular basis so if they say there is only a 4;45 then unfortunately that is what there is. You can always try taking an ADO or Mayab to Limones and then taking a taxi or colectivo from there to Mahahual. It isn’t direct but it would get you here earlier for sure.

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