Local Knowledge #3


Mahahual is  very small town. I don’t know how many of you grew up for spent any time in small towns but I have come to realize that they are very similar to one another in many ways, regardless of culture or language. I am from a tiny farm town in eastern North Carolina and I have been serendipitously reminded of my formative years more than once since moving here.

The local knowledge for this post applies to the Oxxo post and to most small towns that I know of. There are always lots of talk and rumors about things going on in town, most of them erroneous or innocently misinformed. If I had a chicken strip for every time my childhood friend Nick told me that Taco Bell and Bojangles were coming to our small town I would have a lot of chicken strips.

When you hear these rumors, you should know that you’ll never really know until the rumor becomes a reality! Don’t waste your time and hope speculating. Just wait….and see…

7 thoughts on “Local Knowledge #3

  1. Steve Heide says:

    We really enjoyed this post as I to am from a small town on Lake Michigan in NE Wisconsin. As a young man, escaping the small town to the big city lights was an objective high on my list of things to do. As an older man, the return to small town city life is now high on my list of things to do. Normal life cycle someone might say or in my way of thinking, what I have learned over the years is bringing me back to small town life for QUALITY of living.

  2. Huma says:

    Hi! I was wondering who the author of this site is now? I started following when it was Stewart. Thanks so much! Can’t wait until the next time I’m down in Mahahual 🙂

    • Hey Huma! My name is Brandon. I am a friend of Carlos who is the owner of the blog. Carlos asked me if I wanted to take over since Stewart had passed and I said sure! I love writing and I love Mahahual so it just seemed like the obvious thing to do!

      • Huma says:

        Nice to virtually meet you Brandon! I’m so happy you’re updating the site, I love Mahahual and am counting down til my next visit 🙂

  3. Ben Johnson says:

    Happy to meet you Brandon and glad you’re taking over. From eastern NC also and love Mahahual and the blog. Keep up the good work, Ben

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