3 thoughts on “Local Knowledge #4

  1. Steve Heide says:

    I can’t speak for taxi drivers and at this point I can only speak to our visits to Mahahual as touristas, a location living issue Lisa and I hope to change very soon with a move to Mahahual. We are familiar with the hucksters and barkers working the Malecon and trying to drag you in to one restaurant or another but we believe there are some notable exceptions to Local # 4. Lisa and I have always been treated by the waiters and waitresses at the Nacional Beach Club, 40 Canones and the Tropicante with kindness, respect and a willingness to help us with information during our visit. Our Spanish is not great but we can work things out with a little patience and a little English. And maybe the key word here is “patience.” Mexico and the good people of Mexico do not work or think in the same time frame as us Gringos, an enviable position for the Mexicans to be in. We try to be polite, use some Spanish and apologize for our lack of fluency, another issue we will change in the near future. We try to treat people in the same way we would like to be treated and guess what, IT WORKS! I would swear that a little kindness, patience and a whole lot of respect gets me the coldest beer on the beach in Mahahual, with a smile and a Gracias Senor Steve and I really appreciate that. If you are not planning on having cold beer on the beach in Mahahual and being nice to the waiters and waitresses, don’t visit, go to Miami and be rude to the working people there, they are used to it.

    • Well said Steve. Mutual respect goes a long way once a relationship is established and the few waiters and taxi drivers that actually live in Mahahual permanently get to know you. For the 95% of the rest of them that live out of town or work here as they pass through you are a white face with a wallet so expect the “do you want a ride?” honk from the taxi as you walk down the street or the frantically waving arms and menu from waiters as you drive into town!

      • Steve Heide says:

        Hola Brandon: My view regarding the success Lisa and I have had while traveling within Mexico is a bit of polyana, I realize that. In most circumstances respect for people and culture is a great way to travel in any country, including the USA, the benefits are amazing. However we are not living in Mahahual as yet and I am sure the hucksters and restaurant barkers and cabbies over time, can be extremely annoying. Gringo face means tourista which means spending money without really bothering to check things out and the cruisers only have a limited amount of time, thank God! Maybe the future in Mahahual will bring a more quieter and calmer atmosphere when the tourists are there?? The last time we were at the Nacional Beach Club was for Dios de los Muertos and we saw some Mexican tourists being hassled in the same way Gringos were on and behind the Malecon. Keep up the good work with the blog, more please, keep it coming!

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