Chetumal Airport to Expand

When I have friends contemplating coming to visit us in our lovely little beach town the inevitable question that arises is “how long does it take to get there?”. To which I respond honestly yet anxiously, “4-5 hours once you get to Cancun”. Then I watch the excitement of a possible Caribbean adventure melt away from their previously glowing eyes.

The time it takes to get to our isolated little part of the world is the main reason that we aren’t inundated every other weekend with friends from Florida or North Carolina, looking to do a 3-4 day weekend trip to come see their favorite couple. Depending on who you are and where you are coming from the idea of renting a car and driving in a strange country or sitting on a bus for 5 hours will take the air out of the tires of your travel plans.

I have the argument all of the time that the roads and buses aren’t what people believe they are thanks to crappy Hollywood depictions of gringos packed in between sweaty and grim-faced locals, careening down a dirt road on a chicken bus, but I rarely sway the opinions of the less adventurous. What would really be wrong with a chicken bus anyway? It makes for a great story!

But recently we got some good news that the international airport in Chetumal will recieve 147 million pesos (rougly 7.5 million dollars) to expand it operations. That puts our little town much more in reach being that Chetumal is a short 2 hours away. Locals are well acquainted with it because we make a run once a week to stock up on things that you can’t get around here. It is our feeder city.

Previously, Chetumal airport really only connected to Mexico City but the new mayor of Quintana Roo has been pulling strings to get more routes open and has been successful in opening a route to Guadalajara. The new announcement came after the success of recent remodels to with which the airport saw an increase of 2.1% of passengers and over 300% of shipped goods passing through its gates.

There are no details about which routes will open and when. As with everything here I wouldn’t hold my breath thinking that the routes will be open immediately. But with time the details will reveal themselves and I will keep you updated.

So if the idea of 5 hours on the chicken bus has been your main obstacle to visiting our little beach town, pack your bags and have them ready because we will be waiting for you soon!

3 thoughts on “Chetumal Airport to Expand

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Oh no, there goes the neighborhood! Bitter Sweet news, another addition to the Chetumal Airport making Mahahual more accessible to the Greengos who are looking for condos, the Si Jefe attitude from the locals and the Where the Hell Can I Find a Good Steak For the Price of a Hamburger???? The chicken bus sounds pretty damn good in my estimation and preserving the integrity of Mahahual. Change will be coming as more and more people like my wife and I are looking for some of the last remaining ecologically pristine, socially integrated cultures from all nations, good food, reasonable prices and peace and quiet. With the present administration we have in Washington, some of us are really looking forward to a Trip on the Magic Chicken Bus. Ole!

    • Hey Steve. I totally agree with you! Some of the colloquial charms will be lost with time and that will be sad but there will also be some good that comes of it. Talking about ecologically pristine, we have a long way to go and our fight locally to get the government to pay attention to us, let alone put money towards basic services like trash removal, will be aided by more people coming here to actually care about the place and aren’t just looking to exploit it. The responsibility that we have as locals is to do our best to make sure that when it grows it grows in the right way. And I think we have a good group of caring inhabitants that can make sure that happens. The responsibility of the tourists and repeat visitors is to make sure that they are doing their part to keep the place clean. i.e., not using straws, re-using water bottles, using reef friendly sunscreen etc. I will definitely miss some of the frustrating charms of a tiny Mexican town as it grows but I will be happy to see more resources put towards making the place environmentally clean and friendly. Thanks for the comment!

      • Steve Heide says:

        Very well said, we couldn’t agree with you more. Lisa and I are very excited about moving to Mahahual and getting involved. Unfortunately I witnessed the Florida Keys transition from Paradise to something not so accommodating to all people, environment be damned, development in any shape or form, No Problem! The Keys are still beautiful but the “flavor” is gone. The Conch Republic struck their colors and surrendered to Bank of America and others. Oops, just spilled my beer, that is the end of this rant!

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